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59xx | Standing ashtrays, wall-mounted ashtrays, table ashtrays


Wall-mounted ashtrays, table ashtrays

The rosconi ashtrays 59XX are manufactured entirely in stainless steel. With their ashtray attachments, they enable especially simple emptying. Depending on the model, they feature a spin attachment or a self-extinguishing attachment. Odor nuisances are prevented by the closed spin ashtray attachment. The self-extinguishing funnel attachment also prevents flames forming in the receptacle. The 59XX wall-mounted ashtrays are used in outdoor areas such as entrances and exits, in corridors and designated smoking areas.

product variants

59222 | table ashtray
59351 | table ashtray
59351 WB | table ashtray
59351 WB | ashtray with hood
59221 | table ashtray
59221 WB | ashtray with hood
59221 WB | table ashtray

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