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aticon | red HPL shell



People looking for prestigious designer chairs with extraordinary seating comfort and high functionality cannot miss our aticon line. Modern design paired with clear-cut lines, filigree shapes and expressive color nuances make a visual statement. Its minimalist approach completes various space concepts. When it comes to form and color the aticon shell chairs can be individually manufactured according to customers’ wishes. Aticon is available with highly flexible 2D and 3D shells as well as in various upholstery and armrest versions.

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product variants

aticon | ungepolstert | Eiche
aticon |Sitzpolster | Eiche
aticon |Sitz- und Rueckenpolster | Eiche
aticon |Vorpolster
aticon |Vollpolster
aticon |ungepolstert | HPL
aticon | mit Softgrip Armlehne
aticon | mit Armlehne | Holz
aticon | mit Armlehne | Softgrip
aticon | mit Armlehne | Stahl
aticon | mit Armlehne | Polypropylen


Europäische Schule Luxemburg II_Mamer
​​​​European School, Luxembourg II
Landesfeuerwehrschule Burgenland
State Firefighting School Burgenland
Stadion Essen
stadium Essen
Europamittelschule Strasshof an der Nordbahn
Europamittelschule Strasshof a. d. Nordbahn
Naturresort Schindelbruch
Naturresort Schindelbruch
1. FSV Mainz 05 | OPEL Arena
1. FSV Mainz 05 | OPEL Arena
Austria Center Vienna | © IAKW Ludwig Schedl
Austria Center Vienna
Charles Polin


Creative and innovative thinking characterizes the holistic approach of designer Charles Polin, born in 1951 in Zurich.

After having completed his studies of industrial and interior design in Zurich with such important professors as the renowned design pioneer Willy Guhl, Polin successfully cooperated with famous designers and architects, among them Bruno Rey.

Charles Polin specializes in the design of public institutions and buildings. His competence lies in the conception, the construction as well as in the utilization of seating furniture. True to his philosophy of “design is the synthesis of form and function” and complemented by the objective of creating quality of life, numerous creations for furniture companies like Hiller Objektmoebel, Kusch + Co or Plank emerged, some of which have been chosen as winners of international design awards.

product family

aticon barstool | black stained shell