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Certo | coat rail


Definitely the right choice

Particularly strict safety regulations apply to schools and pre-schools. The coat rail Certo scores points with its solid construction made of round-shaped steel pipe as well as with the consideration of safety aspects. Certo complies with GUV (social accident insurance). The hook openings are situated in front, but inset and not protruding, therefore no risk of accidents exists for children. Colors, arrangements of hooks as well as the number of hooks are customizable just like for all other rosconi wardrobes.

product variants

Certo | Reihen-Garderobenständer | mit Bodenbefestigung
Certo | Reihen-Garderobenständer | Gleitfuß
Certo | Reihen-Garderobenständer | mit Lenkrollen
Certo | Reihen-Garderobenständer | mit Lenkrollen
Certo | mit Bodenbefestigung
Certo | Doppel-Mantel-Haken | pulverbeschichtet
Certo | Doppel-Mantel-Haken | Edelstahl
Certo | mit Gleitfuß
Certo | Hut-Doppel-Mantel-Haken, pulverbeschichtet
Certo | Hut-Doppel-Mantel-Haken, Edelstahl
Certo | mit Lenkrollen
Certo | mit Lenkrollen
Certo | Nummerierung

product family

Certo | wall-mounted coat rack