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crew 08 | crew 09 | barrier pillar

crew 08 | crew 09

Design: ingenhoven architects

The barrier pillars with extendable belt crew 08 or rope crew 09 simplify route guiding. With a steel round base, they are particularly stable. The belt cartridge in crew 08 is fitted with an optional panic-proof system, whereby in an emergency the belt is released from its clamp and opens up the route. Belt and cartridge can be selected and printed in various colors. Flexible corner set-up is possible: the belt cartridge in crew 08 features a 4-way guide; in crew 09, several ropes can be hung in one eye. With the help of a special dolly, crew 08 and crew 09 are easy to maneuver.

product variants

crew 08 | barrier pillar
crew 09 | barrier pillar
crew 09 | barrier pillar



product family

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crew 2x | receptacles
crew 3x | receptacles
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