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crew 4x | receptacles for waste separation

crew 4x | 43x

Design: ingenhoven architects

The elegant stainless steel rosconi crew receptacles 4x can be used in groups of two, three or four for waste separation, arranged linearly, in a triangle or square. The individual receptacles are connected using stainless steel adapters. A dummy joint at the bottom and between the body and the attachment ring provide floating lightness and help during thorough cleaning. A multitude of markings (pictograms) are available for the various possibilities of waste separation. Big size waste fits perfectly into the stylish stainless steel receptacles of our crew 43x range.

product variants

crew 42 | 43 | 44 | Behälter zur Mülltrennung
crew 46 | Behälter zur Mülltrennung
crew 48 | Behälter zur Mülltrennung
crew 48 F | Behälter zur Mülltrennung
crew 432 - 433 - 434 | Behälter zur Mülltrennung
crew 436 | Behälter zur Mülltrennung
Piktogramme | Mülltrennung


sport und mehrzweckhalle nieder-weisel
sports hall / multipurpose hall Nieder-Weisel

product family

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