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elena Holzstuhl


Design: Charles Polin

elena’s specific feature is its flexible laminated wooden frame GenioFlex. The GenioFlex frame lightens the load on the joints connecting frame and legs and thus is perfectly apt for uneven floors, hugely extending the chair’s lifespan. With a wide range of upholsteries, armrests and shell shapes to choose from, elena offers a tremendous diversity of options. 

elena Holzstuhl

product variants

elena Holzstuhl | ungepolstert
elena Holzstuhl | ungepolstert
elena Holzstuhl | ungepolstert
elena Holzstuhl | ungepolstert | mit Armlehne
elena Holzstuhl | Sitzpolster
elena Holzstuhl | Sitz- und Rückenpolster
elena Holzstuhl | Armlehne 91
elena Holzstuhl | Armlehne 90
elena Holzstuhl | Armlehne 73
elena Holzstuhl | Armlehne 72


Schloss Esterházy Lockenhaus
Esterházy Castle Lockenhaus
Charles Polin


Creative and innovative thinking characterizes the holistic approach of designer Charles Polin, born in 1951 in Zurich.

After having completed his studies of industrial and interior design in Zurich with such important professors as the renowned design pioneer Willy Guhl, Polin successfully cooperated with famous designers and architects, among them Bruno Rey.

Charles Polin specializes in the design of public institutions and buildings. His competence lies in the conception, the construction as well as in the utilization of seating furniture. True to his philosophy of “design is the synthesis of form and function” and complemented by the objective of creating quality of life, numerous creations for furniture companies like Hiller Objektmoebel, Kusch + Co or Plank emerged, some of which have been chosen as winners of international design awards.

product family

elena Barhocker | schwarz decklackiert