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Fino | coat rail


Timeless design with a high degree of functionality

Either made of stainless steel or with powder-coated stand pipes and base types, the elegant coat rail Fino is a true eye-catcher. With its numerous options of hooks, an extraordinary degree of versatility can be reached in combination with an increase in capacity. Timeless design, a fine and robust material quality in stainless steel as well as a top processing guarantee an extremely long lifespan.

product variants

Fino | Schirmgarnitur | Bodenbefestigung
Fino | Gleitfüße
Fino | Schirmgarnitur | Lenkrollen
Fino | Lenkrollen, verchromt
Fino | Nummerierung Einzelhaken
Fino | Nummerierung Doppel-Haken
Fino | Gruppennummerierung
Fino | Mantel-Haken
Fino | Hut-Mantel-Haken
Fino | Hut-Mantel-Haken
Fino | Doppel-Hut-Mantel-Haken
Fino | Doppel-Mantel-Haken
Fino | Doppel-Mantel-Haken
Fino | Dreifach-Haken
Fino | Dreifach-Hut-Mantel-Haken
Fino | Lenkrolle, verchromt
Fino | Bodenbefestigung
Fino | Lenkrolle
Fino | Gleitfuß