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li-lith armchair


Design: Gregor Eichinger

Gregor Eichinger’s concept of li-lith was originally created for Vienna’s exclusive gastronomy sector. Its characteristic features include its lightness and curved armrest, which ensures a secure storage of handbags and other personal belongings in combination with the broader seat surface. li-lith offers a wide range of choices in colors as well as decors and suits various architectural concepts perfectly. The li-lith armchair was numerously awarded: it won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015 Honourable Mention, the German Design Award Special Mention 2016 and the Good Design Award 2015.

li-lith armchair

product variants

li-lith armchair | not upholstered
li-lith armchair | upholstered seat
li-lith armchair | upholstered seat and backrest
li-lith armchair | upholstered seat | 2 armrests
li-lith armchair | upholstered seat and backrest | 2 armrests
li-lith armchair | not upholstered | rear view
li-lith armchair | edition Roland Rainer


Lugeck | Figlmüller Wien - li-lith by Gregor Eichinger
Lugeck | Figlmüller Vienna
Architekt Gregor Eichinger


Gregor Eichinger and his team “eichinger offices partnership” investigate the relationship between architecture and humankind as its beneficiary within various architectural projects such as bars, restaurants, premises, cultural venues, yet also in the midst of innovative work environments as well as spaces for living. His work is characterized by an extraordinary interest in surfaces, codes, rituals as well as a Viennese style that makes contemporary and local aspects internationally comprehensible.

In the course of time his oeuvre has gone far beyond Viennese borders, Vienna being continuously the point of departure.

Apart from numerous publications and exhibitions Gregor Eichinger teaches at universities at home and abroad, amongst others the ETH Zurich, the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

Eichinger spotlights the user interface of architecture and identifies the multi-faceted relationship between the built surface of an architectural environment and the individual as its beneficiary. This individual connection on a physical-material level (representing the surface materials) as well as on a sensual-emotional level (representing the attentions towards needs) and ultimately on a social and cultural level (representing the rituals of everyday life) is the primary subject of the architectural work of “eichinger offices partnership”.

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