rosconi - premium quality since 1873

The rosconi company was founded in 1873. In time, it grew to become a specialist in premium-quality stainless steel products such as coat racks, ashtrays and other receptacles. Today, the rosconi brand is a synonym for furnishings in public spaces, with products for indoor and outdoor areas, lounges and lobbies and a driving philosophy of intelligent interior design. All the company’s products feature extensive functionality, top quality “made in Germany” and not least an elegant, timeless style, to which numerous design awards consistently attest.


"Perfecting Public Areas" - The traditional company rosconi has been inspired by this philosophy since 1873. Specializing in products made of metal and stainless steel, rosconi originally excelled at devising wardrobe solutions and has since evolved to become an expert in crafting furnishings and fittings for public areas. The enterprise engineers equipment for parks, reception areas in front of buildings, foyer and lobby solutions, wardrobes, waste disposal receptacles, plant containers, functional furniture, partitioning systems for fairs and interiors, furnishings for financial institutes, and accessories. In doing so, rosconi always factors the overall architectural concept into the equation.


rosconi, the stainless steel design studio

The combination of modern technology and quality craftsmanship results in products of perfect precision. With this philosophy, rosconi is successful in both  manufacturing reproductions in series and creating unique one-off items. At the main factory, the creative powerhouse with the character of a design studio, we are committed to individuality and with it the perfect realisation of customer  specifications.

Individuality, independence, motivation

This vision forms the guiding principle of rosconi employees. Great customer satisfaction, independence, motivation and individuality take centre stage in ensuring high quality at rosconi. Only when these ideas are actively practised by all employees across all processes can a creative powerhouse on a lasting basis of trust exist. This is underlined by an openness to confront change and simultaneously maintain a traditional approach to product workmanship. Many years of service in the company, not uncommon at rosconi, is one type of bond which reinforces a commitment to it. It is thus our human resources which make a key contribution to our all-important corporate culture. Wherever pure materials and a clear style denote quality and timelessness in themselves, innovation still remains important and calls for innovators, the people who work at and with rosconi.