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Más | design hooks


Design: Dimitri Riffel

The single aluminum hook of the Más range (design: Dimitri Riffel) is based on a minimalist base form properly reflected by the product name 'Más' (Spanish for 'plus'). As a product range, the various plus and minus variants represent numerous design options: Depending on their taste, the clients may vary the number and composition individually, perhaps even designing entire walls with 'Más'. With their minimalist design, the 'Más' aluminum hooks have the potential to become a classic, facilitating interior design which remains contemporary over long periods of time. Más is winner of Red Dot: Best of the Best 2017, the highest award in the Red Dot design contest.

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product variants

Más | Haken | Anordnungsmöglichkeit
Más | Haken | Anordnungsmöglichkeit 2
Más | Haken | Anordnungsmöglichkeit 3
Más | Haken | Anordnungsmöglichkeit 4
Más | Haken | Anordnungsmöglichkeit 5
Más | Haken | Anordnungsmöglichkeit 6
Más | Haken | Anordnungsmöglichkeit 7
Más | Haken | Anordnungsmöglichkeit 8
Más | Haken | Anordnungsmöglichkeit 9
Más | Haken | Anordnungsmöglichkeit 10
Dimitri Riffel © Red Dot


Dimitri Riffel (born in 1982) completed his education with a summa cum laude bachelor degree from the Faculty of Industrial Design at Magdeburg-Stendal University that was preceded by an apprenticeship as a carpenter, which he passed with honors in four different fields of examination. After that he obtained his final degree as a Master of Fine Arts in the field of product design with a focus on sustainable product culture. While still attending university, Dimitri Riffel gathered professional experience working as an interior designer for a yacht design studio. He also worked as a freelance designer within the areas of sinterior design, product design as well as visual communication. Dimitri Riffel received the “Red Dot: Best of the Best 2017” design award for his minimalist interpretation of aluminum coat hooks, called “Más”, the highest category of a design competition that is only awarded to the best products in each category. Furthermore, the flip top table "FX table" by Dimitri Riffel won an award in the "Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019" for its outstanding design quality.