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PAN 3900 | Tisch

PAN | table 3900

Design: Kim Kim Design

As a table PAN is manufactured from massive beech, oak or ash tree wood. It consists of a four-leg frame that may be varnished or stained and a table top that may be either coated with HPL or high quality veneer. Alternatively, the table top can be chosen in a matte varnish finish. The PAN wooden table is available in various sizes, color options and decors and can be equipped with different edge profiles.

PAN Tisch

product variants

PAN 3900 Tisch | Buche gebeizt
PAN 3900 Tisch | Buche natur
PAN 3900 Tisch | Eiche natur
PAN 3900 Tisch | Buche natur


PVA Bad Tatzmannsdorf
PVA Bad Tatzmannsdorf

product family

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